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Welcome to Uptown Little Miss Interior Design

Uptown Little Miss is Fort Worth’s premier interior design specialists and have been committed to their Fort Worth, Texas customers for many, many years.

We take pride in the friendly, honest relationship we establish with our customers, which has resulted in hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the region.

Color Selection

We perform various interior design services for the homeowners of Fort Worth, TX. Our professional designers are well-trained in color consultation and the selection of furniture as well as lighting fixtures selection to enhance the beauty of your home. Coloring your home is the easiest way to change its image instantly. Yet, choosing the right […]

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Furniture Selection

Furniture plays a vital role in the outlook of a home. Designers must completely understand the purpose, quality, outlook, and the combination of the fitted furniture so that your home can become a depiction of your personality. Our expert designers take all these factors into consideration when choosing the perfect combination of furniture for your […]

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Lighting Fixture Selection

Lighting can affect the projection of a space to a great extent. Your choices in lighting fixtures can exhibit your lifestyle and personality. This is why you need to be extremely careful when choosing the perfect piece of lighting. It should be kept in mind that every room must get sufficient light, however, if the […]

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Why Work With Us

Whether you decide to redesign your bedroom or are thinking about building a new home, our professional designers can provide you with ideas and designs exceeding your expectations. Our professional designers do not only make your home look as attractive as possible, but they also make sure the design does not violate any health and safety regulations. Our professional designers keep in mind each and every requirement and detail that goes into building the perfect dream home.
Even if you have a complete design of your dream home in your head, there are a lot of factors involved in designing that home so it can be elegant as well as functional. Our professional interior designers can prove vital in the construction of your perfect home. They can save you money by preventing costly mistakes that don’t only prove beneficial for your budget but also increase the value of your home. Moreover, they have been professionally trained and have years of experience designing various types of homes allowing them to work on every minor detail with confidence. We always work within your budget and have complete knowledge about the different elements required to design a beautiful home. This can save you copious amounts of time and effort. We have most of the products and designs readily available, however, if you require something unique, we are always glad to search for those products for you.
We boast of well-trained professional designers, contractors and expert architects who can take your dream and ideas, and make one of the most attractive homes in Fort Worth, TX. Each and every one of our staff members is licensed and has gained years of experience designing various sorts of homes. Our professional design team is dedicated to implementing innovative ideas into their designs. We provide top-quality interior designs that are attractive as well as functional. Our policy is to think of our clients as our partners, which helps us understand the personality and ideas of our clients more clearly, so your home can reflect the person you are. We possess the latest tools and software so our clients can get a clearer picture of what their future home can look like.
In addition to the interior designing of your home, we also do have various reliable contacts including contractors, plumbers, and electricians. This can help save you a lot of time and hassle during the construction of your home. We only work with some of the best contractors in the Fort Worth region, such as The Painting Pro Guys and The Flooring Pro Guys. With all of these resources on hand, our expert designers can embed your styles and ideas into your home, creating a classy interior design for your home.
Our wide range of professional services includes a complete on-site consultation with our clients from the start of the project till the last lamp has been fitted inside your home. If you ever require professional help when redesigning your kitchen or building a new home, please contact us to learn how we can enhance your experience beyond your imaginations.