Painting Techniques for Making a Small Bathroom Seem Bigger

Many homeowners find it offensive that they have to deal regularly with the lack of space in a particular chamber. What they do not know is that most of these are only in their minds. The tips below will help you tune your thoughts towards having a bigger bathroom for yourself even if it is small.

Painting Techniques To Making a Small Bathroom Seem BiggerApply bright colors

The easiest way of making a small bathroom appear huge is to use more colorful paint stains. Light colors bring about a reflective effect in the space, thus making it feel airy and more open. In addition to this, bright colors assist in augmenting of natural light’s force in the bathroom. As such, painting your small bathroom with a more brilliant color is a simple trick to enhancing the appearance of the interior.

Maintain the same touch

Even though it is advisable to paint a brighter color in your bathroom, the entire room does not necessarily have to get the same color of paint. You can add some other shades. However, make sure that you maintain a similar tone all over the room, just to be sure of getting a bigger feel of it.

In as much as brighter colors in the bathroom are fantastic, installing a dark colored floor tile is a great disservice. Because you would not want the floor tiles to portray the real size of your room, try as much as possible to maintain near same tone all over.

Blend the color of your wall to the color of tiles

You can equate this to the above-highlighted tip. However, it is a fact that not everyone likes the whole space being the same color. Do not be dismayed, for as long as you blend in all your colors and you are ready to go. Mixing the color on your walls to the color on the floor brings about a constant touch to space.

Similar colors for both walls and ceiling

Emerging designs show that painting the same color on the roof as walls is a grand idea. However, some bathrooms have shorter heights, which is a drawback for this technique. For such chambers, white is the color to avoid at all costs unless you have walls painted white already. By applying the same color all over the bathroom, someone who is not familiar with the environment would constantly wonder throughout the space. Giving you an enormous feel of the place.

Paint vertical stripes for the room to seem taller

As a homeowner, you can only choose one of these as you cannot have both at the same time. For a shorter ceiling, paint your stripes in a vertical manner to make it appear taller. Since the colors you apply to the bathroom determines the way one perceives the extent of the chamber, guide the human eye with vertical stripes to wonder across the whole room. In turn, this brings about a bigger feel in the bathroom.

Stain horizontal stripes for the room to feel wider

To some extent, the same principles as those mentioned above apply to this point. Some rooms are vast as compared to others. For such a bathroom, horizontal stripes do you the trick. Direct the eye to specific directions to bring a larger feel of the place.

Moldings, windows, and doors

Staining brighter colors do not only apply to the walls of the space, but also to other fixtures including windows and doors. Stain your window covers, moldings and door trim with brighter colors to extend and expand the bathroom size.

With that said, there exist some extra tips to help dupe the eye. If you have one wall shorter compared to the other, apply a brighter color to the shorter wall as compared to the longer one. Extend the ceiling’s color roughly fourteen inches beneath the roof, in an arch-like shape.

Money and space are not a hindrance anymore to making your room look and feel bigger than it is. The tips discussed above apply to every room, whether kitchen, bathroom or living room.