Color Selection

We perform various interior design services for the homeowners of Fort Worth, TX. Our professional designers are well-trained in color consultation and the selection of furniture as well as lighting fixtures selection to enhance the beauty of your home.
Coloring your home is the easiest way to change its image instantly. Yet, choosing the right color for each and every room in your home can be an extremely difficult task. Homeowners have to choose different colors for different rooms and have to make sure they all fit with each other to portray elegance in design. Due to the wide range of colors available, it gets pretty tough for homeowners to choose the perfect combination for their home. Colors perform a variety of functions in the projection of your dream home. The same color can have entirely different effects on different spaces. Colors can raise or lower the ceilings, make space feel larger or smaller, and also have different effects with different lighting, flooring, art, and furnishing of the space. The significance and intensity of the color are an important decision for homeowners, too. Latest trends and family traditions need to be kept in mind as well and should also be taken into account when choosing the right color.
Studies have shown that different colors have specific physiological and biological effects on an individual. Colors provoke an emotional response and can affect the mood and lifestyle of the homeowner. For instance, it is a known fact that brown colored rooms help in relieving fatigue and irritability, the color blue and mild green makes you feel calm and more engaged, and the color orange and yellow can prove cheerful and comforting to different homeowners. Many other colors can have different effects on the human physiology, too, improving the quality of life to a great extent. Likewise, there are some colors you may not want to use in the design of your house due to adversities in the past. We try to determine those colors in our initial meeting with our client so they can enjoy and get the best experience out of their surroundings.
The professional interior designers at Uptown Little Miss have gained a lot of experience in this department over the past years. We can help you choose the perfect colors for each and every space, which all go together to give you one of the finest looking homes around town. If you ever require assistance choosing the proper color combination, a complete design for your new home, or redesigning your old place, just know that Uptown Little Miss will provide results better than your own dreams. Working with us, you will master the art of incorporating your emotions and lifestyle into your home, creating the design you always wished for.
We have established solid partnerships with well-known name brands that can give our client a variety of choices when choosing the perfect color. Besides the regular paint decks, we also have larger swatches that allow our client to be more comfortable and confident when choosing the proper color. We can also order large samples of different colors for free in case our client requires them.
If you ever feel the need to redesign your home and require assistance from professional designers, we are the guys to call. We can design your home in such a way that exceeds your expectations. Our dedicated and resourceful staff guarantees you the experience of your lifetime and an interior design better than you could ever imagine. Our friendly staffs are always delighted to help you out with any issue regarding interior designing, so if you ever feel the need, contact us right away!