Unique Painting Tools You Wish You Had

Before You Started Your Paint Project

Painting is fun yet a daunting task to most homeowners. You need to struggle and come up with newer techniques and ideas of how to tackle a certain unexpected task in the most appropriate and appealing manner possible. Some of these challenges, however, can be addressed efficiently by using specialized equipment and tools.

Unique Painting ToolsQuick Painter Edge Painter

Cutting in around window edges and walls using a paintbrush requires twice as much time as painting the whole room. You can describe this timesaving tool as a huge syringe fitted with a paint pad. Pull back the rear handle to suck the preferred amount of paint from the paint can to the reservoir handle. Next, squeeze the back handle to spread paint onto the pad.

On a full tank, the edge painter can cover an average fifty feet on a full tank. With a guide wheel and four distinct painting positions, you have the guarantee of finishing your project successfully without much strain.

Can Claw

Sometimes it is always much easier to do your paint various paint projects like touch ups on walls directly from a paint container. By so doing, you need to carry around the paint can from one place to the other from time to time that is not a bad idea. However, you need the paint can wire is not something to go about smoothly. With a can claw, you have the freedom of comfortably completing the project without new blisters or injuries.

Quickey-Stickey Mask for Door Hinges

Think of a product that can solve your all time problem. With a Quickey-Stickey mask for door hinges, you should be able to paint around your door hinge without tampering with the same. These masks are templates flexible enough for cutting to the exact size and shape of the door hinge.

You only need to remove the protective cover and place the mask over the door hinge barrel and leaf. The door hinges cover come in only two sizes namely three and a half inch with round corners as well as four-inches with a square corner.

Twist-n-Reach Pole

You do not need to go around in search of a ladder for your paint project or carry yours around. With this tool, which is a combination of a compact design extension pole and roller, you can paint high unreachable areas comfortably. The eighteen-inch long roller paint handle can stretch out to twice the initial length, allowing an average height painter to access every edge of the ceiling or wall comfortably. You only have to twist the handle to release the shaft, the, extend it to the height you desire. Twist it again to return it back to the original length.

Elite window brush

To paint well around grills and window muntins, you need vigilance in every step. You need a proper brush and steady hands. For instance, the Anza Elite Window brush is a circular pointed brush designed to help you navigate through tiny areas and the window. Whenever you need to rest, it has a bristle protecting layer so you can quickly put it down. Consider this tool when applying stains and varnishes and latex paints for both outdoor and indoor.

Extension Brush Holder by Allway Tools

The highest points in the room demand the use of a ladder. With this tool, you technically only need to screw it to an extension pole, or any other flexible, high stick for that matter, and you are ready to go. Just slide the paintbrush into the yoke for holding brushes and fasten the clamp. After that, adjust the yoke to the preferred painting angle. You can now reach those high areas with ease.

Long-Handle Roller by Mini-Koter

With extreme handle heights of up to twenty-six inches, the mini-Kotter has the capability of reaching the furthest areas that other roller paintbrushes cannot. With this tool, you do not have to worry of how you will paint behind radiators, wall-hang heaters, and other immovable objects.